About me & my blog!

Well, this is my blog.

My name is Nikki Sondergaard, and I created this blog to chronicle my year of studying abroad in London, England. Mostly for friends and family, I also created this blog as a live-action type experiential blog. It’s hard to know what to expect when you study abroad, and when you ask others who have, often they give a general overview, skipping over details like ‘you won’t have a towel when you get there, bring one.’

I also love creative writing and sharing photos, so what more perfect of a vehicle to do it than a blog! I plan on traveling more, and I’m pretty bad at journaling (though I always plan to), so I also feel that this blog will be something I can look back at years from now, still legible (unlike my handwriting) and be flooded with all these memories again!

Please feel free to poke around the site, as school starts it will swell (hopefully) with new posts. Also please please please don’t be scared to leave feedback! I’m so happy people are viewing my blog, and I can see that there are views, but take an active role and comment if you think something was cool, or with any questions, even to correct my grammar (mom)! Blogging is great, but sometimes I feel like I’m a professor, talking at people instead of with them! Let’s make a dialogue, people! 🙂


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