Welcome to Crete!

Hey all, I know you’re all anxious for news RE: my Crete adventure with Tony! So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m making a list of things I want to blog about in the days since we’ve been here, and whenever I have a little down time I’ll share a little anecdotal story or something! Do note that things probably wont be in chronological order! 🙂 So for today’s…

Technical difficulties

So one of the main reasons I got a tablet was to plug in my SD card from my camera to save and upload pics. I thought nothing of it a few weeks ago when I had to reformat my SD card. Now here we are, weeks later, and I have a ton of pictures to share. Only problem is, whatever format my SD card is in is NOT supported by my tablet. So basically it can’t access the memory card to pull out the photos. This is unfortunate for all of my devoted followers (you guys) because that means all of my blogs this week will be photo-less! So what I’ll do is try my best to write illustratively and leave spots for the pictures, then upload them when I’m back! I tried for a couple of hours to make it work last night but I really can’t fix it without my computer. 😦

Tune in for another post soon!


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