Day 0: Traveling to Heraklion

On Wednesday morning Tony and I got ready in record time, so we figured we’d head to the train station to catch our ride to Luton. We decided to get breakfast at the station while we waited for the train, which departs about every half an hour. We got our tickets printed, stopped at the loo, then went to find the train departure time so we could figure out how long we had to get food. We looked at the schedule and the next (and only visible) train to Luton was at 11:40. Current time?

11:39! We took a second to deliberate then booked it to the train, getting on seconds before the doors closed. Though we didn’t HAVE to make that exact train, we figured we might as well get to the airport sooner and get food once through security. The train ride was relatively uneventful, besides one moment of panicking thought : am I positive the flight leaves from Luton?! Yes, I was sure. Thank goodness.

We got through security and into the terminal in record time, and had quite a while to kill before our gate was announced, so we got some lunch at an Italian restaurant. We had a couple of nice cocktails too: I got a Strawberry Shortcake (some sweet blended concoction that didn’t taste like alcohol) and Tony got an espresso martini, combining two tastes I really dislike but he enjoys: alcohol and straight espresso!

I forgot to tell my bank I was traveling, so after trying and failing to call an international number to sort it out-and not wanting to pay long distance to call the US- I enlisted my wonderful mother to make the necessary phone calls. What a gal!

So our gate was finally announced and we got on the plane, which is when I realized that we could have 2 bags all along, one for the overhead compartment and a small one for under the seat! My only experience with budget airlines was with RyanAir up to this point, and I knew how big of sticklers they were about only having one carry on bag and I must have misread EasyJet’s website as the same. So that’s good to know for the way home! Anyway, the flight went without a hitch and took about 3.5 hours, not too bad! I’ll write about our journey from the airport to the hotel in another post soon!


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