Vacation time!

I finished all of my schoolwork in time for Tony to arrive on Saturday morning, bright and early! But of course, due to inclement weather he faced some delays and couldn’t get there until about noon.

There were a bunch of closures on the tube this weekend, of course on my exact route to get to Heathrow to pick him up, so the trip took around 2 hours. I had been shooting to get there a little after noon so I didn’t have to stand and wait forever (he had to pick up his bags, go thru customs and immigration, then come out to meet me) so I thought I had a little wiggle room. Little did I know, he got through the airport in record time and was absolutely freaking out that he couldn’t find me at arrivals. The free wifi wasn’t working and he couldn’t get through to me because I was underground and didn’t have service, so after some serious worrying and contacting home to get his mom to message me, I finally got to the airport and, after a very anxious phone call, finally found him!

He was pretty out of it after being awake so long, so the first day was a lot of traveling back and relaxing. We went to a restaurant near my flat for dinner called the Greedy Cow, and I got a normal hamburger while Tony took it a step further and got a Kangaroo burger. We grocery shopped a bit after, then Skyped Tony’s family (who were very anxious for news) then called it a pretty early night.

We got up kind of early on Sunday and stuck pretty close to home; I figured crowded touristy overwhelming London wasn’t the best first impression on someone who was so new to traveling and cities! We got some snacks and made a nice pasta dinner (though we messed up the garlic bread) and had a nice night in. Monday we woke up a little early and headed out for a day of touristing! We took the tube to Tower Hill, walked around the Tower of London, across Tower Bridge, then along the South Bank. We stopped at Borough Market for lunch. I didn’t realize Monday’s were such a low key day at the market; I had talked up the amazing food stands and exotic cheeses and meats and other wares,  but there wasn’t much more than the lunch area open! We ended up getting a couple of Pieminster pies and sitting by the river to eat. After food we continued along the South Bank, saw something (maybe a commercial or part of a TV show? being recorded) and finally reached Big Ben! It was pretty overcast, but Tony still got a couple of good pics!



My friend Anna said after she was done traveling she would come around with us to all the touristy spots and take pics for us so we don’t have to approach strangers every time, so expect a big post within the next few weeks!

We walked by Westminster Abbey, then back to Trafalgar Square and over towards Picadilly Circus. We passed the guards on horses on the way over and a bunch of school kids succeeded in getting them to laugh, so I’m guessing these weren’t the straight-faced ones. Maybe only the straight-faced ones wear the pouffy hats?



We headed through Leicester Square towards Covent Garden, walked around the markets a bit and decided to call it a day for touristing. We had embellished leftovers for dinner and another night in (touristing and post-term stress makes Nikki a dull girl, apparently!). Tony was excited about the idea of being able to drink in public, so he got the obligatory Carlsberg and stood out with the Evening Standard, looking proper English! :p


Not sure what’s on today, but tomorrow we go to GREECE for a week! Got the flight all set and good, just have to print out the tickets! But on EasyJet we only get one piece of carry on luggage, so my compulsive overpacking will have to be set aside for practicality’s sake! Will have Internet access at the hotel so I might do a little blogging from there, but if not expect a big Greece-y post in about a week and a half! x


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