Back in the city! (a week ago)

Well I’ve been adjusting to being back which is why this post is late, but my arrival back in London was even a bit delayed, thanks to weather on the east coast a couple of weekends ago! I was supposed to arrive 2 Saturdays ago, giving me almost an entire weekend to adjust before classes started. Instead, I got in on Tuesday, so I missed the first two days. I sat in the airport in Minneapolis for HOURS on Friday, as our flight was delayed, delayed, gate changed, then FINALLY cancelled. Since so many flights had been cancelled those couple of days, I couldn’t get out until Monday! So I called my sister, who picked me up after I waited almost an hour for my checked bags to be tracked down. Exhausted, I had a quick dinner then went to bed!

My extra couple of days near home gave me a chance to see family I didn’t get much time to see over break, and my wonderful boyfriend jumped at the chance to drive a few hours for some extra days with me! 🙂 I have had enough of airports for a while, so I’m glad to be back, settled, and knocking this semester outta the park so my wonderful boyfriend (mentioned earlier) can come to Europe for almost a month of travel before my exams! You’ve been wanting the juice on European destinations, so don’t worry people, it’s coming! I think we’re planning on focusing on Italy and Greece, instead of doing a topical whirlwind tour of tons of countries. Will keep updated! I’ll also write a post about the white (and way below freezing) Christmas back in Minnesota!

Ever the procrastinator, I saved a paper from last term for my return, thinking I’d get back on Saturday and have plenty of time to write before Thursday. In reality, I got back Tuesday and (surprise) the paper was due Wednesday morning! So I spat it out as best as I could, and at least it’s not a zero! 🙂


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