quick update from the midst of procrastination

Well it’s been a hectic few weeks here in London! As the semester comes to an end I have few projects, but those few are worth large portions of my grades! I’ve completed most of them, so the only academic things, apart from classes, separating me from flying home for Christmas are one ~3,000 word essay and one exam, both for the same class, and making up my entire grade for that class. Suffice to say that’s a little nerve wracking! I haven’t gotten the chance to do too many exciting things recently, though a week and a half ago I did go to…

Afternoon tea with some other international students at QMUL! Where was it? Oh, at a fan museum. What? Yes. A fan museum. Mostly non-electric, but there was a small section discussing fan innovation that had some newer models (including a dyson air blade!) But the small museum housed something like 3,500 fans or something, which were rotated in and out of display to preserve them. They had some pretty old ones and some newer ones, many representing different cultures. One was signed and doodled on by Salvador Dali! Not necessarily a place I would have found on my own, but it was definitely interesting to see! I was distracted by my overwhelming hunger though, since I had no lunch under the assumption that we’d be having tea first! Some notes on afternoon tea: I wouldn’t recommend skipping lunch, or at least have some sort of a snack. By the time we got to tea I was hungry to the point that the tea, scone, and chocolate cake were sensory overload and I couldn’t finish it all! I met a lot of fantastic people during tea, and afterwards we climbed up to an observatory (we were in the Greenwich area) and had a fantastic view of the city at night! It was pretty chilly, so we headed back after that.

That weekend (last weekend) a friend finally came to visit! Blake, my friend from Gustavus (home college), is studying in Lancaster and had been meaning to come visit for weeks. It finally worked out last weekend! I got to be a tour guide all over again, and I’d like to think I am getting pretty good at it! I’m lucky that first time Londoner’s are satisfied with responses like ‘Oh I think that’s some government building’ when they point something out that isn’t Big Ben/Houses of Parliament, Westminster, Tower of London/Tower Bridge, the Gherkin, or the Shard! :p I’m also getting better at knowing which bridges are which between Tower Bridge and Westminster Bridge! It’s definitely making me feel more at home to be able to recognize/name things! We also did a walkthrough of the National Gallery which was pretty neat, I’ve never seen that many beautifully painted pictures before! Blake studies art, so he was able to explain to me things about different artists or styles that I wouldn’t have known by myself, which I think he deserves some extra credit for *hint, hint*! Above all, it was amazing to see a familiar face. Since my sister left I haven’t seen many people I knew before coming here, so it was great to see such a close friend and be able to catch up!

Last night I did get a chance to visit the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland for the second year running, and it was wonderful again this year! I got a crepe and some churros (and a stomach ache by the time I got home) and I’m lucky the girls I was with were ready to go when I was because I had just about enough of the crowds to turn me into a Grinch! 🙂

This brings us to today, me sitting here writing to all of you when I really should be working on my ~3,000 word essay! I did schedule a meeting with my instructor on Tuesday to help narrow my focus, but that means I should have all my background stuff done by then! That being said, I’d better get a move on. It was fun procrastinating while it lasted! And I managed to write 736 words, it’s a shame writing scholarly essays can’t be this easy! I plan on going to Birmingham next weekend to visit a fellow Minnesotan and do some Christmas-type shopping, I’ll let you know how that goes soon(ish) after I get back! Until then!


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