Wednesday Adventure & Halloween!

IMG_2150(Greenwich Market decor)

About darn time I’m blogging about this, sorry for the delay! I know you’re all dying to know what I did last week! Without further ado…and you paid for your whole seat, but you’ll only be using the edge………

It’s really not as exciting as it sounds. In all fairness, that was similar to the let-down I had when visiting Greenwich market! I mean it was cool and all, the area was absolutely beautiful, but not in a ‘should be advertised as a huge market’ kind of way. Maybe they expand somehow close to Christmas, but I only saw one building with lots of food and maybe 75 vendors at most? The food looked really good but naturally, I wasn’t hungry until I got back on the DLR to go up to Westfield! Anyway, they were doing some kind of Halloween celebration, so that was kind of neat! Face painting for kids and stuff.


Here’s a pic of the Halloween performance, singing Halloween-ish songs! A lot of the vendors were dressed up, too.

Greenwich area was beautiful. Right on the river with an amazing view of the city!



(My phone camera really doesn’t do it justice)


And there was this big, cool ship you could tour (for money I’m sure) but I got the ‘free’ tour: AKA just looking at the outside!




I did really enjoy the DLR, which is an odd thing to favorite on a trip out in the city. In my defense, it seemed roomier than normal tube trains and it had huge windows like the overground, but the seating was such that you could sit facing front, right in front! Of course I wasn’t in the front train but I could get the idea! Plus the windows on the front of each car made it kind of dizzying because you could see the car in front of you moving so much but it didn’t feel like you were getting jarred around that same way! I meant to take a video but didn’t want to be weird.




So I took a pic out of one of the side windows instead. Also, weird thing about the DLR is they don’t have gates you have to go thru when you enter/leave, it’s a very honor-system based setup where they just have an oyster swiper on the wall and expect you to tap in/out as you go by! I thought about testing the system but decided to stick to honesty and good thing, because there was a ticket inspector on the way up to Westfield, my next stop!


I didn’t take any pictures at Westfield (the HUGE mall they built for the Olympics) because it’s huge and crowded and overwhelming. I was in search of a Halloween costume. The girls I was planning on going out with all were doing the superhero thing so I figured I’d better stick with it. After over an hour with nothing to show for it-WHY DOESN’T WESTFIELD HAVE A HOT TOPIC?!-I grabbed a yellow shirt, decided to be batman, and left. I traced the bat signal from a picture and cut out, and traced it onto the shirt scrap, then spent FOREVER coloring it in. It didn’t turn out so bad at all!

IMG_2141 IMG_2151


Then, using a sewing kit I nabbed from my mom’s hotel room when she stayed here, I affixed it to a dress I already have, added some yellow tights and boots (that I also already owned) and voila!


Not too shabby! Used the shirt to make a headband as well. Whole costume cost just under £4, which made me feel loads better about the “I’m-not-going-to-talk-about-it” price to get in to the club we went to! The girls and guys we went with attend Goldsmiths (where my sister did her MA) so I was familiar with the area! Of course we went out in Camden area, but it was nice to see familiar places! There was also another bat girl with us, but nothing wrong with both choosing an awesome superhero! 545904_10202515792079112_2141539125_n

Here’s the whole group! I had a LOT of fun, definitely worth the cost! Plus, You Only London Once! Which is totally cheesy and probably inaccurate, but you’re probably only going to be a student in London once so why not make the most of it!


That’s all for now, I’m in the midst of the results of my procrastination week, but I’m almost half done with everything I need to get done! Salisbury on Friday, and I have my ticket to Stonehenge! 🙂 Probably won’t hear from me until after that unless I need to brag about finishing all my homework early!



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