time to get real!

Well, the ‘study’ part of ‘study abroad’ is finally setting in. Just punched out my first actual, for a grade, paper tonight! Yikes! It’s more than a little nerve-wracking that it’s already almost half way thru the school year and I have no grades to show for it! For those who responded to my request for help with a survey- THANK YOU! I do appreciate it. I have (I think) decided against doing a survey for time (and my sanity)’s sakes! Back to the fun side of things, I get to go to the Zoo on Friday!!!!! The only bummer about that is I have to do research there and write a report later, but let’s focus on the here-ish and now-ish: ZOO!!!!! I have emailed my paper to myself in every format imaginable and am going to try to figure out how to print it now.

CULTURAL DIFFERENCE BONUS: US standard sized paper (8.5″x11″) is NOT the standard here! Here it’s A4 (8.27″x11.69″). Why? Because the British system, that’s why! Also likely having to do with metric system stuff.

P.S. I went on an adventure with some Minnesotans visiting from Worcester today! I got to play tour guide!! I will update about that once I’ve gotten pictures from my fellow adventurers! 🙂


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