Oh, Deer! (Richmond Park)

Well just a week ago today I spend nearly an hour on the tube, twenty minutes walking to, and four hours walking within Richmond Park. It’s wayyyyy on the west side of London, past Olympic Park and everything! We had to there for my Behavioural Ecology class, and had to be there by 9:30AM! My instructor’s main focus is deer, so we had the assignment of going to observe Red Deer and/or Fallow Deer and gather some behavioural data. The Red Deer were in the midst of their rut, but I think the Fallow Deer still had a little while before theirs started. So my instructor brought us past a few spots he knew deer to be, explained his expectations, and we were off! 

I originally had a group to work with, but my instructor was very adamant about working in pairs or alone only. So, I ventured out on my own, notebook in hand and camera around neck!


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