Long time, no blog!

I bet you all thought I forgot about my poor blog, didn’t you?! Well I’ve been thinking about it, there just hasn’t been too much going on! Finally in the swing of things as far as school goes, just finished week 3 (already!) and still haven’t turned in any homework! When is my first assignment due? Not until October 25! Yikes!!! Thinking about school and grown up things, I’ve taken to cooking large quantities of chicken at once, so I can freeze it and thaw as I eat it! Just cooked 18 chicken breasts yesterday! Flatmates thought I was a bit crazy, but guess who doesn’t have to actually cook anything for the next couple of weeks (at least)?!

Dana (sister) leaves this Tuesday so I’ve been spending a LOT of time with her! We did a pub quiz last Wednesday with one of Dana’s friends and another group of 3 girlfriends, and didn’t get last! We did get second to last, but hey, someone did worse than us! In our defense, a LOT of the questions were British current event type things, and football (soccer) questions. There was an American Football question since the Vikes played in London recently! What else have Dana and I done? Read more and see!

My sister’s friend Seabass, real name is not Sebastian (I don’t understand the nickname), plays trumpet and scored a couple of free tickets to an art installment performance he was participating nearish to my school, so we decided to go! It was last Thursday, and google maps directed my sister and I along a poorly lit canal bordered sidewalk. Bikes kept flying by us and there were some pretty dark, creepy bridges we had to pass under! Anyway, we got to the place, which was a warehouse. After waiting in line we were presented with our tickets.


Yes, that’s a pill capsule. Inside, folded up, was the program of events! Some of which included outdoor instrument playing from the roof of a building, an electro/light show in a room with interpretive dancers moving through the crowd, and body percussion, which is exactly what it sounds like. This experience made me feel very trendy and ‘with it’ in London.

Dana and I also did a tour of London again on Wednesday, beginning at Brick Lane and eventually finding our way through various markets (Spitalfields, etc) to the river, walked from the Tower of London, photo op-ed at Tower Bridge, then trekked all the way to Big Ben for more photo ops. Much longer walk than I’d imagined and oh boy did I wear the wrong shoes for uneven brick pathway walking! My calves still hurt. Had a quick, cheap, dirty meal at McDonalds and that was ENOUGH adventuring for us for the day!

Anyway, back to normal grown up things, I have a field trip to Richmond Park tomorrow for Behavioural Ecology to design/conduct a short study on deer (red deer/fallow deer) while they’re in/approaching their rut season! It is supposed to be rainy but I’ll try to get a few pics. I guess red deer males are pretty big, and for those familiar with the petting deer that used to be up at Riverside, I was encouraged to not approach the deer here. Shame!


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