…and £4, the cost of clumsiness.

During my Starbucks venture, I dropped my water bottle. I had it in the cleverly placed side pockets of my backpack, but it’s a little topheavy (it has an insertable ice pack that rests in the top). So naturally, as I was swinging it off my back to set it down, the water bottle and physics teamed up and resulted in the launching of my water bottle onto the floor, some spilling, and some ego check on my part (no Nikki, you aren’t that smooth). So I gathered up the water bottle and my slightly bruised pride (my banana was untouched) and grabbed some napkins to wipe it up. I realized after I’d finished coffee and was headed towards the class I was crashing (since I wasn’t actually in it yet) that my water bottle had actually cracked. 😦 it served me well for a good week. Guess I’ll just use the free one I got at the fresher’s fair! Also, there’s a big University of London fresher’s fair on Friday, and since I’m part of the University of London system (and love alliteration) I’m gonna go get more free stuff!


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