45p, the cost of cultural differences

Well, my school has a Starbucks counter in the cafeteria, and I thought to celebrate my first morning class (well, the class I’m aiming to get into) I would grab a coffee. They make them iced, but don’t blent it, so I thought I’d get a shot of caramel flavoring, because hey, I am celebrating here! However, I still am a massive  baby when it comes to coffee so I asked for creme, and the lady said it would be an extra 45p. OK, OK. So she brings it back and it had whipped cream. And cream already in the bottom. So I explain to her and she says “oh, the milk?” She offered to make me a new one but I figured I’d take the blow for that one! No need to make enemies! Plus now I know the difference between cream and milk!


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