But wait–there’s more! (wading through the British Higher Education System)

Uffda! If I thought it was hard getting responses from instructors in the past (sometimes took a day or two–or a second email), I don’t know what to think now! One thing I’ve noticed about here so far is that if something seems to be all sorted out, it probably isn’t. For example: Last week I got a module registration form listing all the classes I’m signed up for this year. Already, two of the courses I’d requested, I wasn’t placed into. Those were semester 2 courses though so they weren’t top priority, but seeing as we need to have these forms (with any changes approved) handed in by October 4, I decided to be proactive and get a move on.

I emailed an instructor with my situation: that I am an associate student, requested these courses, have proper prerequisites, so if he could please take a look and: A) see why I hadn’t been placed in them initially, and B) place me in them now if it wasn’t too much trouble, I’d be very grateful. I got a response the next day saying if I hadn’t heard from him by Friday, talk to him then.

There was a general Sciences add/drop/info session on Friday led by him, so after he had finished answering questions, people queued up to add courses. Since I wasn’t in a hurry (semester 2 courses) I waited to the end of the line, probably 30 people in front of me, and when I finally got my face time he scribbled down the courses I asked about and said he would be in touch. NOT the concrete answer I’d been looking for!

The school also this year is launching a new online timetable program, so registered courses were only all available for viewing on Friday evening. When viewing my schedule, I saw that my mandarin chinese class wasn’t listed. I thought that was odd so I emailed the study abroad coordinator asking about it, since when I rechecked the module listings page I saw that the class wasn’t supposed to be open to study abroad students, so I thought there may have been a mixup. After not hearing from him, on Sunday I finally emailed the contact listed under the module description. I was also confused about when/where the class was even meeting, since 3 different times were listed on the page, all 2 hour blocks, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to go to any–or all–of the classes! I stopped in the foreign languages office today and found the woman I’d emailed. She apparently had just emailed me back saying that, unfortunately, the instructor that was supposed to teach that course (a year-long course, mind you) had just gotten in touch today and said that, since they were a part-time instructor and not under contract, they were leaving to start a full-time position elsewhere. So the class just wasn’t going to be offered this year. The woman was very apologetic and suggested I take a different language, but I don’t want to start from scratch learning a totally new language while also trying to enjoy my time abroad! So I now am in the process of finding a new course for this semester and 1 (possibly 3 if I don’t get the others I’ve requested) for next semester.

I say again, UFFDA! The course I’m interested in for this semester is called Personality and Individual Differences, and I’m attending the lecture tomorrow morning even though I’m not enrolled in the course! Apparently psychology courses are all filled up, but I’m banking on no-shows/dropping the class or the instructor taking pity on my and my last minute lack of classes and lets me in anyway. Fingers crossed! Will keep updating as updates are available.

Oh, I had my first class today! It was British Horror and the instructor is wonderful and passionate and we watched 28 Days Later. There will be a lot of reading for the class, but hey, I get to watch movies as a class too! And there are only 2 forms of assessment, which can be good or bad. Both are at the end of the term. Yipes!


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