Backtracking- September 9 & 10

I can’t believe I forgot to blog about these two days, they were two of the most action-packed/fun days here yet!

Monday the 9th we went to Hint Hunt. I don’t want to say too much about it but you’re given an hour to find/solve clues to open a door out of the room you’re locked in! Sadly, we didn’t make it. ūüė¶ But in our defense, both my mother and aunt forgot their reading glasses in their bags outside and didn’t make it known to the room moderator, who would have let the mothers get their glasses! That was such a fun day! If you’re ever in London I would recommend it, but book in advance–it’s currently the hottest tourist attraction here!

Tuesday we closed ranks on London Bridge/Tower of London. 

Dana and I had tried to take the Tower of London tour when I visited her previously, but we arrived too late in the afternoon and it was all sold out. This time we got there nice and early-ish (by like 11?) and were able to go right in. Our tour guide was a laugh. They call themselves beefeaters, though nobody really, definitively knows why.


Here he is, fancy felt cap and all.

We saw one of the soldiers with the fuzzy hats too.


We took lots of pictures, including one of both Dana and myself in the old toilets in the White Tower, the oldest part of the Tower of London.

IMG_2452 IMG_2453

(see more miscellaneous photos at the end of the post)

After we went out for dinner at a nice Thai place, and Dana and I got fancy cocktails! Mine was some sort of melon martini and hers was some type of drink involving a whole kiwi.

IMG_2473 IMG_2477

The moms stuck with their pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc.


Even after all of this excitement, we had more in store for the night ahead! We went and saw Matilda, the musical! It was PHENOMENAL! I definitely recommend it to anyone in London or anywhere else it’s playing. The children were amazing. and the Trunch…well…you’ll have to experience that for yourself!

Here’s where I’m going to dump a few more pictures from the trip with little relevance unless you are related to me and know people in the pictures!

IMG_2413 IMG_2422 IMG_2418 IMG_2467 IMG_2462


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