It’s Freshers Weekend!!!

We were transported from Nido (which was not neat-o) to QMUL today to begin orientation here. The past couple of days we had IES Abroad orientation and were staying at Nido, an international student dormitory where the rooms are stuffy, the showers are luke warm, and there were no shampoo or towels provided. One would think they’d have sort of a ‘getting started’ setup so wary travelers (like myself, though date of last travel is unimportant) can arrive, check in, and head to their rooms without worrying about toiletries. IES Abroad did purchase some sort of a ‘welcome pack’ for their students at QMUL, so I arrived and already had sheets and a blanket (which is the exact width of my bed), a towel set, and mini-toiletries much like you’d get at a hotel. What this welcome pack did NOT provide, however, is toilet paper. I’d much rather have had that than a 2-use shampoo setup! I think all Fresher’s and international students got a freshers pack, with little snacks and a book full of lovely coupons for clothes, food, food delivery, everything!

I waited in a big long line to get enrolled today. Something that didn’t happen at enrollment: actually registering for classes. When does this happen? Monday, September 16th, two days before classes are supposed to start. Is that all? No, of course not. I’m not even sure if I’m for sure in those classes for the next couple of weeks anyway because timetables are subject to change. Oh, the English system. One perk I wasn’t expecting for today though, there was a “Nearly New” sale on campus with (I’m guessing) things people had left behind previous years, so I got a pot & cover, pan, spatula, 2 full sets of silverware, a mug, a cup, two plates, two bowls, and a laundry drying rack all for £9. Definitely cheaper than brand new and I won’t feel bad about leaving them behind! I did have to buy hangers brand new though, I’m sure those sold out at the NN sale right away. Now I’ve got to head shopping for some toilet paper, groceries, storage stuff, and (price depending) different bedding. I feel like I’m sleeping in a cheap dress shirt–except it’s the whole bed!


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