Update about Updating = meta-update?

Hey all, I bet you’re all wondering what I’ve been up to since I landed in the UK! apart from LOTS of sleep on the first night, we’ve done a lot, but all right in London. Once I have my cellphone set up over here there will be a big surge of pictures, because though I toted my nice camera around the past few days, I looked past the fact that at some point it switched on in my bag and drained the battery. Good thing I’m in London all year! Anyway, today it looks nice out, so we are going to try to catch a train down to Brighton to spend the day in the seaside city that reminds me lots of Duluth, for all you Minnesotans! It’s a lovely city on a hill right next to a really cold body of water! Brighton is pretty neat, I went there last time I visited my sister in England this past December. It has a pier with all the classic attractions, like unstable looking rides, pence arcades, and seagulls who poop on you for free when you’re trying to take pictures! So my camera battery is on the charger now, meaning that when I get back I should have some good pics of Brighton and my family in it! cheers!

ooh hey, forgot to add into the last post, but when checking in at the new terminal for my British Airlines flight, the flight attendant said “Sondergaard. Hmm. Any relation to the actress from years ago?”

Gale Sondergaard? Yeah! Pretty distant, but it’s there! You know, she was supposed to be in the Wizard of Oz as the wicked witch but she didn’t want the stage makeup to make her look ugly, so she turned it down!”

“Oh, that’s interesting!” (tells other flight attendant about my relation)

“I don’t suppose that gets me first class today, does it?” 😀

“Unfortunately not, sorry!”

“Well, it was worth a try! Nothing wrong with asking!”

That’s all for now, cheers! x


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