This is it!

Well folks, I’m sitting in MSP (which FINALLY has free Wi-Fi) and since Chicago doesn’t, I must write my farewell post from here! I have everything I need, my bags are checked (though one was overweight & one under, causing for some creative rearranging), and I am thru security sitting at my gate. About an hour till liftoff, so not too shabby! 

Congrats to all those experiencing the start of the new year back at home–both Gustavus and other schools–and extra special congrats to those also studying abroad this fall! It was different actually being home for Labor Day instead of driving up College Ave with so much stuff in my car I can only see out of my own window, but I don’t mind having less (by a little 😉 ) to unpack when I reach my final destination! 

The first week I’m in London I will be staying with my sister, while my mom and aunt are visiting (Hi, mom!). They leave the day before I check in with IES abroad, so I just miss the opportunity to be probably the first person ever to have their mom drop them off on their first day of studying abroad. We have orientation stuff with the program/other IES London programs for the first couple of days, then around the middle of the month I actually move into my flat at QMUL. I’ll be a seasoned Londoner by the time that rolls around, hopefully anyway! 😛 

Well, I’m off to do more waiting to board, they’re starting to do announcements now so only about an hour until the wheels lift up, assuming everything is flowing smoothly (i.e. people aren’t trying to shove too-big bags into the overhead compartments). Question to ponder: Why don’t they board the back of the aircraft first? People always fill up the overhead compartments towards the front first, so why not load the last row first and move forward instead of having stop and go traffic trying to budge by people stowing their bags? 

Anyways, next time you hear from me I’ll be 6 hours ahead, and likely pretty jet-lagged. Time to make the trip across the pond! 



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