Things I don’t want to have to deal with less than 3 days before I leave- iPhone unlock

Holy hassle. When I unlocked my old phone before going to China, things went flawlessly. I sent in the request, got approved, and unlocked the phone (so it could be used with different carriers). I decided to try this with another iPhone from my uncle, who no longer needed it, after I had been using it most of the summer. I submitted the request about a month ago, no problem. Problem: about a week and a half ago, when I went to unlock the phone, it said the request had been denied. Say what?! So I try again, and am denied again. After chatting with AT&T support for the first time, it seemed that since the phone had been purchased on my uncle’s account, it needed to be unlocked from his as well. After more attempts/failures using his account information, I was back to the drawing board. I contacted support again, and they now believed the problem was that since I was using the phone, and MY contract wasn’t expired, that the phone now wouldn’t be unlockable until my plan was up for renewal. Yikes. The support rep did say, however, that if I used a different phone, the phone I was trying to unlock wouldn’t be tied to my number anymore, and would again be eligible for unlock. Super! So today, I went to the AT&T store, got a SIM card to plug into a different phone, tried to submit the unlock request again, and…..

“We cannot complete your request because this account has reached the maximum number of unlock requests allowed during a given period.”

WHAT! There was never a specified amount of unlock attempts a person could make! The website did state that only 5 devices could be unlocked per number per year, but that’s it! So talking to a rep for the 3rd time (the first truly helpful/empathetic rep I’ve spoken with), he did some poking and submitted the request to Apple on my behalf. He explained what it looked like had happened, and what *fingers crossed* should happen from here on out. 

Lesson learned: tackle this stuff well BEFORE leaving to go out of the country

Lesson (maybe) learned: next time, it might be easier to go the warranty-voiding route and jailbreak it for a few bucks and a lot less headache! 


2 thoughts on “Things I don’t want to have to deal with less than 3 days before I leave- iPhone unlock

  1. So did it ever get fixed? I have the same problem and ATT and Apple both are saying there is nothing i can do and i have to wait a year to try again. But i need the phone now.

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