MISSING: Summer. If found, please contact me.

Holy cow. Where did the time go? Summer flew by, and for some reason I made myself think I had 3 weeks between end of work and flying out, but I only have (had) 2! That’s a big ol’ mistake to make! Anyway, got my visa, done lots of shopping and not much packing, found a phone plan and rail card to buy when I get over there, and I have so many reminders and thoughts floating around in my head it’s amazing this even sounds coherent! Currently waiting out the hot and humid day downstairs, doing computer-type stuff until tonight, when my room will reach a tolerable muggy temperature and I can work on packing stuff. The cool London weather is sounding pretty appealing right now, but I might regret saying that when I get there!

I’ll update on my next break (aka procrastinating the inevitable).



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